• Healthy air is a good place to start with a healthy home. The reason for this is that the air inside your home can contain pollutants that may be harmful to you and your family. Disagreement in the mold industry asks if residential spore levels can be high enough to do real harm (have a toxic effect) on humans.  What is known is that exposure to poor indoor air quality can result in negative health effects almost immediately OR sometimes not until years later.  We are all different and respond differently to our environment. Humans try to have an annual physical...we recommend at least the same check of the indoor air you breathe.

    Jul 03,
  • In Central and South Florida, with limited seasonal changes, we have high spore counts outside most of the year. 

    Apr 30,
  • You've got to get it tested first! We're a professional Mold Inspection Company with years of experience hinging on integrity and do-it-right-the-first-time principles.  We'll give you accurate results you can trust. You, your family, and your satisfaction are our priority.

    Apr 09,
  • It's common for us to notice something and not get around to it, you know.. like that thank you note you forgot to write or that glass on the bedside table. When you venture into the world of potential mold, time is key. Mold can spread in a matter of days an could cause long term health issues and thousands of dollars in damage to your property if you don't nip it in the bud. You don't have to have your house torn apart the majority of the time to solve the problem either but speed is important. Have the situation looked at by a licensed and insured professional.  Our motto is simple...WE CARE BECAUSE YOU MATTER!!!

    Mar 28,